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Do you dig knowing the sweet sites, great gadgets, & the current buzzwords?  Don't have the time to read every journal, wiki, blog, ning, tweet, or plurk, but don't want to be left out in the techie chat cold? Then this wikipage is for you!  A fun & irreverent look at the latest & greatest stuff to turbo charge your classroom!

More Cool sites & resources that can make your techie life better     
MSET Learning Tools SmackdownNetwork Building. Reading Promotion. Digital Storytelling. Digital Citizenship. Information Fluency. Animation Studios, & More! 

news@school, live! technology 
integration through television production - Television Production a Best Practice - MICCA 2005    Students integrate available technology to produce a professional, research based,  live daily television broadcast in addition to producing pre-recorded research based  news magazine segments and public service announcements.

mhtv wiki - an ongoing and evolving website to assist in the production of our live daily tv show. 

smugmug - an online digital photo gallery for our school. some galleries are restricted for privacy, ask your kid for the secret passwords.

Old School Webpages, Baby
I keep these old Angelfire webpages online for mostly nostalgia & street cred. Having a Google App webpage created back in 2004 shows that at MHMS we’ve been cutting edge for a long time. But please don’t expect live links or snazzy web design - feel free to grin mockingly at the 90’s look....Ahhh animated gif - you were so hot at one time! LOL (also please don’t contact me with link suggestions/corrections - but feel free to steal whatever you like!) 

doing backflips over google for yahooligans! - tips & tricks to get the most out of these favorite websites MICCA - 2004
DC-101: digital camera basics, buying, and use in the classroom
tapped into teacher professional development: an online community of practice - MICCA 2003
easy web design: forget the java and the html! create really cool web pages with netscape composer - MICCA 1999
howard county public schools technology training: web quests, web design, curricular connections, teacher resources and more! - 2002
mpt/ntti lesson plans online:- talkin' trash: it's all about recycling!
ikeepbookmarks online - a backup hotlink site to my now defunct backflip site.

“Life's about the glorious everyday” - Andy Partridge - Xtc.

Cephalopods are cool!
blogs, wiki’s, tech-guides,& more!